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Saturday, 22 Oct 2016

The Hydrosense Project

About the Program

HydroSense -Innovative precision technologies for optimised irrigation and integrated crop management in a water-limited agrosystem
The implementation of HydroSense project (title: “Innovative precision technologies for optimized irrigation and integrated crop management in a water-limited agrosystem”, LIFE08 ENV/GR/0000570), started in January 2010. It is co-funded by LIFE+ Environment which is a financial instrument of the European Union for the protection of the environment.
The HydroSense project aims ultimately to improve the water, fertilizer and pesticide use efficiency of a major Mediterranean agricultural crop (cotton) by employing principles of site-specific management (or precision agriculture) and advanced technologies in proximal remote sensing.
The project beneficiaries are the Goulandris Natural History Museum, the Benaki Phytopathological Institute and Benaki Phytopathological Organization, the University of Thessaly, the National Agricultural Research Foundation and the Agricultural University of Athens.

HydroSense in numbers
Commission Reference: LIFE08 ENV/GR/0000570:HydroSense
Year of Finance: 2010
Duration: 3 years (01-JAN- 2010 to 31-DEC-2012)
Budget: € 1.756.563 (LIFE+ Contribution: € 851.156)

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